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Instructor: Ms. Pohl   

Welcome to Geometry! This course is designed for students who have completed Algebra I. The study of geometry includes experiences and activities that relate to the value of geometry (shapes) in life. Emphasis is placed on the use of reasoning skills, and two and three-dimensional modeling to solve problems, both mathematical and real-world. You will be investigating new situations, discovering relationships, and figuring out what strategies can be used to solve problems.

Topics of Study:

  • Foundations for Geometry

  • Geometric Reasoning

  • Parallel and Perpendicular Lines

  • Triangle Congruence

  • Properties and Attributes of Triangles

  • Polygons and Quadrilaterals

  • Similarity

  • Right Triangles and Trigonometry

  • Extending Transformational Geometry

  • Extending Perimeter, Circumference, and Area

  • Spatial Reasoning

  • Circles

  • Probability

Students will be starting their final project this week in Geometry...they are making a Tin Man out of boxes, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls, spheres, and cones. They must calculate the surface area of each figure to determine how much foil they need to cover their Tin Man. This is supposed to be a fun, yet challenging project to end the year! I hope you all enjoy it!! smileyyes

Here is a schedule for the last two weeks in Geometry:

- Students will receive class time to work on their project May 15 - May 19
- Tin Man Project is due Tuesday, May 23rd
- A study guide for the FINAL will be passed out by Friday, May 19th (maybe earlier...)
- On Monday, May 22nd and Tuesday, May 23rd, we will review for the final in class
- Period 1/5 Final is on Wednesday, May 24th
- Period 2 Final is on Thursday, May 25th
MAPS Testing
Geometry students have made it through their Spring MAPS Test! I added extra credit to the students who met their RIT goal or exceeded it. In addition, we are testing on Unit 7 today and tomorrow (I know BIG week for the students, but there is only 24 days left until SUMMER BREAK!!!). Starting next week, we will have two weeks to finish up our last unit, which will be filled with fun little projects (or at least I hope they are fun for most!).

Happy HUMP Dayyyy!!!! yeslaugh
Tomorrow is D-DAY! Freshman will be taking PARCC, Sophomores will be taking the PSAT, and Juniors will take the SAT.

Make sure you get a goodnight's sleep and eat something good for breakfast tomorrow laugh
Welcome Back!
I hope you all had an amazing Spring Break and some well needed rest! This is the home stretch before SUMMER! It will go by faster than you think...I PROMISE! Don't forget about the homework assignment I gave you today, which is to make Test Corrections from the Unit 6 Test. Test Corrections are NOT OPTIONAL, it is a HW GRADE! Once this homework assignment is complete, then you can talk to me about scheduling a time to retake the test.
Grade Update
I have entered your Unit 6 test grades, along with the PSAT practice test grade. Unit 6 test was worth 100 points! If you don't like your score, then you will have the opportunity to complete test corrections and retake your test after Spring Break. The PSAT practice went in as a test grade as well worth 50 points. There is a PDF copy of the rubric in the PSAT folder if you are curious to know how you were graded. Basically, if you gave it your ALL and showed some TRUE effort, then you received the FULL 50 POINTS!!!

Reminders BEFORE Spring Break...
Monday, March 13th: We will study for the Unit 6 test (whiteboard practice)

Tuesday, March 14th: Unit 6 TEST!!!

Wednesday, March 15th: Period 1 & Period 5 will take a practice math section of the PSAT

Thursday, March 16th: Period 2 will take a practice math section of the PSAT

Friday, March 17th: NO SCHOOL--Start of Spring Break! yes HAPPY ST.PARTICK'S DAY!
Special Right Triangles Quiz
If you did not like your score on the last quiz, then you have until this Friday to complete quiz corrections and schedule a retake for next week.
Unit 5 Test
If you would like to retake the test, this is the LAST week to do it! You must have completed test corrections last week in order to be eligible for the retake.
Unit 5 Retake
If you would like to retake the Unit 5 test, you must complete Test Corrections! The corrections are due this Friday, February 17th. Then, you have one week after that to come and schedule a time with me to retake the test.
Unit 5 Test
I have moved the Unit 5 test to Monday instead of tomorrow. We will go over the study guide tomorrow as a class :)
  • There will be a mini-quiz this Friday, January 27th on Congruent Triangle Postulates!
  • Unit 5 Test will be given either during the block days next week of next Friday!
Quiz Retakes!
This is the LAST week to retake the Quiz!!! You need to complete Quiz Corrections before you can retake it. Also, come talk to me about when you would like to retake it... the options are (1) before school, (2) during lunch, or (3) after school in study hall (Mr. Standard's room). DON'T FORGET!
Wednesday/Thursday, January 11th/12th
We worked on finding missing sides of similar figures. I split the class up into two groups and each group worked on a different task. If you lost your copy of the handouts I gave you or you were absent, then you can check the Unit 5 folder for Station 1 and Station 2. Come talk to me about how to make those stations up :)
Welcome Back!
Second Semester is upon us and I can hardly believe it! I look forward to another great semester with you all. Remember, as always, you can find announcements, homework assignments, and hard copies of anything I pass out in class on here.
Friday, December 9th -- Period 2 will take the MAPS test in class
Monday, December 12th -- Period 1 and Period 5 will take the MAPS test in class

Unit 4 Transformations Test
Tuesday, December 13th -- Period 2 takes the test
Wednesday, December 14th -- Period 1 and Period 5 takes the test

Due Friday, December 16th --> worth 75 pts

Monday, December 19th -- Period 1 and Period 5
Tuesday, December 20th -- Period 2
Project #2
Sorry I was sick yesterday and couldn't hand out the second project for this Unit... I will be giving you a hard copy of the Scale Drawing Project that has the instructions and rubric on how you will be graded. It is worth 75 points and will be considered a homework grade in the gradebook! Take this seriously!!! If you lose the hard copy I give you, then there is another copy in the Unit 4 folder called "scale drawing project". Please ask me any questions you might have on this! :)
Application of Transformations
I talked about applying this unit of transformations to real-life and we are about to do our first project this Friday! You will be creating your very own tessellation!!! The guidelines and planning sheet are located in the Unit 4 folder below if you lose the copy I give you in class.
Last Week Reminders before Thanksgiving Break
1. Test are graded and entered in the grade book. If you don't like your score, then you NEED to come talk to me ASAP and schedule a time to retake it!

2. Test Corrections are optional this week. I will reward points back on your test for completing corrections. This is due Friday, November 18.

3. I have said this several times in class, but Unit 3 on Parallel & Perpendicular Lines is short and sweet! We will finish this unit before break starts. That means I will be giving a mini-quiz on Friday, November 18.

4. On Thursday, November 17, at 9 am, I will be posting your grades to "progress reports". Come talk to me before Thursday if you are missing an assignment or would like to make something up!

5. There are 9 DAYS until TURKEY DAY! laugh
Retakes for Unit 2 Test
The tests will be graded over the weekend. I will hand them back on Monday, November 14...if you don't like your test grade and you would like to retake it, then you have until Friday, November 18 to schedule and time with me and make it up.
Test Moved
I have decided to move the Test until Tuesday, November 1st! (You're welcome!)

Monday will be your time to ask any questions, continue practicing, and we will play a Jeopardy Review Game!
November 3-7
Just a head's up to students and parents...

I will be gone Thursday, November 3-Monday, November 7. I have a wedding to attend in Bermuda yes
Unit 2 Test Coming SOON!
A week from today, we will take our Unit 2 Test!

Monday, October 31st plan on starting your Halloween off with a test (sorry, just coincidence it landed on Halloween).More than likely, you will not finish it during the 47 minute class period so you can plan on the test going into Tuesday. smiley
Don't forget there is a QUIZ this Friday! You can use the cheat sheet I gave you in class! If you lost your cheat sheet, then you can print your own copy. I will NOT give you another copy!!!!

Another copy of the cheat sheet can be found under the Unit 2 folder.
Retakes for Unit 1 Test
You NEED to come talk to by Friday, October 14 in order to retake the Unit 1 Test. If you don't talk to me about retaking the test, then you will NOT be allowed to retake it!
Unit 1 Test
We will have our first test next week during the block days...

So Period 1 & 5 will take their test on Wednesday, October 5th

and Period 2 will take their test on Thursday, October 6th

--> Monday & Tuesday I will be doing review in class, as well as give you a study guide! laugh
Chapter 1
We are going to be finishing up Chapter 1 this week, which means we will have a test coming in the next couple of weeks! Make sure to ask questions in class or come see me before/after school to get extra help if you need it angel
Quiz Corrections
The corrections we completed in class will add more points towards your Quiz grade. I will give half your points back to you if you truly corrected all of your wrong answers. This means if you were absent the day we completed these corrections, then you need to complete them on your own time.
We will have our first Quiz this Friday! It will be on conjectures, counterexamples, and the new vocabulary words and how to reference them when you identify different parts. We will do some studying on Wednesday & Thursday smiley
New Rubric
I am giving you a rubric in class on how I am grading homeworks and various classwork assignments. Read through it on your own and let me know if you have any questions about something. Also, there is a hard copy attached on the class page (below the Unit 1 Folder).
Next Week's Schedule
We are taking our first round of MAPS next week! The schedule is explained below:

Monday [Odd Block Day]: Period 1, 5 will take their math MAPS

Tuesday [Even Block Day]: Period 2 will take their math MAPS

Wednesday [Odd Block Day]

Thursday [Even Block Day]

Friday [8 pd Day, HALF-DAY!]

Welcome to Geometry! I hope you have a wonderful first week smiley
DON'T forget you have two homework assignments due by Friday, August 19th:

1) Syllabus signed by you and your parent/guardian
2) About You Poster
 Unit 1
Foundations for Geometry
 Unit 2
Reasoning & Proof
 Unit 3
Parallel and Perpendicular Lines
 Unit 4
 Unit 5
Similarity and Congruence
 Unit 6
Right Triangles & Trigonometry
 Unit 7
 HW CW Rubric.doc
This is a rubric on how homework assignments and most (but NOT all) classwork assignments are graded.
No "Homework" exist(s)

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